A Custom Colombia Vacation Tour Your South America Adventure

A Colombia travel tour of exotic lands unlike any place on earth. Colombia is nature’s tropical paradise with amazing landscape diversity. The visual beauty of Colombia’s ecosystems encompasses all of nature’s tropical topographies: Caribbean beaches, shallow water coral reefs, vibrant colored deserts, vast savannas, secluded waterfalls, Amazon jungles, teeming rain forest, mysterious cloud forest, pristine high altitude páramos and the snow-capped mountains of the Andes; and we can show you all of it. A tailored vacation tour of Colombia’s stunning and extraordinary landscape. The itinerary can include historical sites, colonial pueblos, Indian ruins, plantations, and Colombia city life.

Imagine a custom vacation tour of Colombia where you determine where you go and how long you stay. A tropical adventure of the rare irreplaceable natural wonders of Colombia. We provide the private transportation, guidance, local knowledge and safety. You provide the parameters of your Colombia trip (what you would like to see and do) and we work out the exciting options and details for your approval. The spectacular natural resources of Colombia are bursting with beauty and excitement. You can now explore a tropical slice of South America few outsiders have been able to enjoy, and experience a South American adventure few ever will.

 Old pink hotel with plants growing on the roof and the Andes in the background

Presenting the Exotic Natural Wonders of Colombia

  • Personal Guide , an American, who gives you the local knowledge with his shared knowledge of what it takes to make every aspect of your Colombia trip satisfying. There will be no let-downs on your tropical Colombia adventure.
  • Requests , feel free to ask us about any preferences and requirements you have. Our only concern is that you enjoy your South American adventure. We will set up your Colombia vacation in the manner that pleases you.
  • Flexibility , you can change your schedule at any time. If you want to extend your duration in any one place, then that’s what we do. Go a different direction on the spur of the moment, then there we go. This is truly a custom Colombia travel tour the way you want.
  • Transportation , a comfortable SUV that allows you to relax in comfort and enjoy the vistas and sights of Colombia travel until the next stop of your exotic excursion.
  • Driver , your guide is also your Colombia tour chauffeur. You can enjoy the tropical scenery without road worries; we stop and go as you wish.
  • Privacy , no crowds or strangers to accommodate, it´s just you and the friends or family you want to bring along. Travel Colombia with only those you want to be with. Your personal guide will give you the distance and privacy you want for romantic moments on an isolate beach or a secluded waterfall while being within close distance and easy reach by telephone. You will be given an iPhone during your Colombia vacation for quick access to your guide when you choose to have moments alone.
  • Lodging for your Colombia tour will be based on where you chose to go, what accommodations are available at that place, and what your budget is. Depending on the remoteness of your destination you may be in a hammock, tent, hostel, standard hotel or resort hotel.
  • Photography , your trusted guide is also your personal photographer. You will have the memories for you and your companions to share forever. You enjoy your Colombia trip while we document it to your taste.
  • Security , there is a reason exploring Colombia is not on your travel brochure. We take unique precautions that will eliminate any safety concerns. Call us for the details (U.S. number 305 396 6436) and you will see why you’ll have nothing to worry about on your Colombia tour.
  • Colombia Travel Price , $220 per day for up to 4 people. This price does not include your lodging, food, gasoline, toll or parking fees.

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