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A beautiful, joyful girl holding a Green Sea Turtle on the beach
Chelonia mydas
Chelonia mydas (Green Sea Turtles)

Green sea turtles, inhabit tropical and subtropical waters globally. They nest in over 140 countries, and migrate across oceans using major currents. These turtles forage in coastal areas rich in algae and sea grass. Their breeding season is June through August, and they exhibit natal homing for mating. Hatchlings are black and change color as they mature, taking 27-50 years. Green sea turtles are distinguished by their greenish subdermal fat and have a unique physical appearance, including a single pair of prefrontal scales and a heart-shaped carapace as adults, which can measure between 39 to 47 inches in length and weigh between 330 to 440 pounds. Their development from hatchlings, which are about 2 inches in length, to maturity can take 27-50 years​​. Sex determination in these turtles is temperature-dependent, with cooler nests producing more males and warmer nests more females. They incubate for 30-90 days, with the time varying according to seasonal conditions​​. The green sea turtle's conservation status is of concern, as they are listed as endangered, facing threats from habitat loss, poaching, and incidental capture in fishing gear. Efforts are ongoing to protect their nesting sites and reduce threats to their marine habitats​​.

A beautiful girl holding a Green Sea Turtle on the beach

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