Beautiful blond Colombian woman in red dress during the parade celebration for the Barranquilla Carnival Barranquilla Carnival
The Barranquilla Carnival Where the Women of Colombia Celebrate

The big event in Colombia is the Barranquilla carnival featuring the beautiful Barranquilla women of the coast. It´s held 40 days before each Easter and climaxes with 3 days (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) of parades, parties, music and dancing. The Caribbean rhythm of carnival music will fill the air weeks in advance of the anticipated celebration. The first day draws the biggest crowd and the seats lining the parade route paralleling the Magdalena River will be full. Ticket prices of around $30 for the 3 day carnival will vary depending on location and extras provided. The bleachers will have a netting screen for sun protection with a small band playing prior to the parade and during the intervals. It does not rain this time of year and a seasonal Caribbean breeze makes the event comfortable to watch.

The Barranquilla Carnival displays the abundance of joy that beautiful Caribbean Barranquilla women enjoy. Their beauty and happiness is real. Your happiness just requires a visit to Barranquilla, Colombia.

Black Barranquilla woman in green carnival feather costume

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Beautiful Latin woman wearing a gold top in the carnival parade in Barranquilla

Parade participant celebrating

Two Barranquilla women singing during the carnival festival

Parade participant celebrating

Colombian women celebrating in the streets during the Barranquilla Carnival Engage The Exotic, slogan for International Introductions
Sexy dark skin Caribbean beauty dancing during CarnivalColombian woman shaking to the rhythm of CarnivalCaribbean woman dancing and shaking to Carnival Music
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Attractive carnival women on display in Barranquilla

Parade participant celebrating

Barranquilla woman in red costume dancing in the streets
Two Barranquilla women singing during the carnival festival

Parade participant celebrating

Beer models dancing on parade floatCaribbean Carnival WomenBeer models dancing for the crowd

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