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A hanging Callianthe megapotamica yellow flower with a red sepal and orange anthers in sunlight
callianthe megapotamica
Callianthe megapotamica (Trailing Abutilon)

Originating from Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, this species is most commonly known as the Brazilian Bellflower, growing as a shrub up to 8 feet tall. Has continual blooming orange-yellow flowers with a red base. Endures temperatures as low as 25°F. Not only valued for its ornamental traits, but it's also recognized in traditional medicine for its diuretic, laxative effects, and its utility in treating liver and gallbladder issues. Moreover, its leaves can be boiled and consumed similarly to spinach, adding an edible aspect to its list of attributes. Photographed in Bogotá, Colombia.

Yellow petals, red sepal and orange anthers
Callianthe megapotamica flower with red petals, red sepal and brown anthers
A hanging Callianthe megapotamica flower and bud
Callianthe megapotamica with yellow petals witand red veins
Orange anthers and yellow petals
A flowering Callianthe megapotamica shrub

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