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Papilionanthe teres  purple and rust-orange flower
papilionanthe teres
Papilionanthe teres

An epiphytic orchid with remarkable, long-lasting, and fragrant flowers that can span 2.4 to 4 inches in diameter. This species is native to a wide range of areas in South-East Asia. It thrives on tree branches in open forests or forest margins, up to about 2,600 feet in altitude. The flowers exhibit a vibrant palette typically featuring white or pink shades suffused with pink or purple, complementing the petals' almost orbicular form with undulated margins. The labellum, or the lip of the flower, is distinctively trilobed, pubescent, with the lateral lobes embracing the column, while the median lobe presents an intense pink color with a yellow spot at the center. Photographed in Armenia, Colombia.

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