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A Colombian woman holding an Inga edulis pod cut open showing the white pulp
inga edulis
Inga edulis (Ice Cream Bean)

Originating from South America, it is utilized for diverse purposes including food, timber, medicine, and the alcoholic beverage cachiri​. The sweet (if ripe), smooth pulp is reminiscent of ice cream in both taste and texture. This fast-growing tropical tree is notable for its potential in agroforestry systems, especially as a shade provider for understory crops like coffee and chocolate. Its rapid growth allows for the quick establishment of shade. Furthermore, it's recognized as a nitrogen-fixing tree, aiding in soil rejuvenation. The fruit is sold on roadsides and outside markets and is called guama in Colombia. Photographed in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

Green Inga edulis fruit hanging on the tree
Inga edulis flowers with white and golden color filaments

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