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A three petal yellow Limnocharis flava flower with green stalks and buds in sunlight
limnocharis flava
Limnocharis flava

Originating from Central and South America, the yellow velvetleaf has adapted to various regions across the globe, thriving in the shallow, muddy waters of swamps, ditches, ponds, or paddy fields. This aquatic plant, which often stands about 1 meter tall, finds favor not only for its ornamental value but also for its nutritional attributes, especially in parts of Southeast Asia. The tender young leaves are a source of calcium and vitamins C and E. The spherical fruits of the plant segment into crescent shapes, dispersing with the help of water currents has contributed to its invasive nature. Photographed in the department of Magdalena, Colombia.

A yellow Limnocharis flava flower, darker in the center, with green stalks and buds
A yellow Limnocharis flava flower with green flower buds

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