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A Cereus hexagonus flower bud promising a white flower
Cereus hexagonus
Cereus hexagonus

Hailing from the north of South America, this fascinating species is known for its tree-like growth habit with erect shoots branching out near the base, potentially reaching heights of up to about 45 feet. Known as the Lady-of-the-Night Cactus, due to its showy white flowers which can span up to 6 inches. It's a fast grower. One unique application of this species is its use in creating living hedges, especially in the plains of Mexico, where people plant cut lateral shoots closely side by side to form an almost impassable hedge. This cactus roots so readily that gaps in the hedge are a rare sight. Moreover, its fruits are also edible, and can be consumed fresh, dried, or as juice. This species is also used as rootstocks for grafting slow-growing and delicate cactus species.

One of four native Colombian species of the genus Cereus with a habitat below 7,000 feet. Photographed in the department of Quindio.

Cereus hexagonus tree with many flower buds

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