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One yellow-orange star fruit and one halved star fruit with golden yellow pulp held in hand
averrhoa carambola
Averrhoa carambola (Star Fruit)

Originating from Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka, star fruit, is a small tropical tree cultivated in various regions due to its unique fruit and ornamental value. The tree is well-adapted to full sun, heat and requires medium water with low maintenance, making it a fairly easy-to-grow species for those living in suitable climates. The star fruit tree bears an unusual fruit that has become its hallmark. When cut crosswise, the fruit reveals a star shape, thus earning its common name. The fruit's flesh is juicy, ranging from sour to mildly sweet when ripe. It's commonly consumed fresh, added to salads, used in dessert dishes, juiced or sliced for use as star-shaped garnishes. Furthermore, the plant has found its way into traditional medicine, where it's utilized for its purported diuretic and antipyretic properties. Photographed in the Valley of Cauca, Colombia where it is called carambolo.

Eight yellow, green and orange star-shape Averrhoa carambola fruits in a black bowl
An Averrhoa carambola inflorescence with pink-red stems and flower buds and pink-purple and white flowers

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