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One whole and two half-cut Matisia cordata  fruits cut in half exposing orange pulp and two large dark-colored seeds
Matisia cordata
Matisia cordata (South American Sapote)

A fruit tree found native to tropical South America. The tree's fruit, rich in vitamins A and C, with soft, bland to sweet, juicy, orange-yellow flesh, are enjoyed fresh or as a juice with milk. The fruit is sold abundantly in various South American markets. It is called zapote in Colombia. Photographed in the western Andes mountain range of Colombia (Cordillera Occidental).

A Matisia cordata  fruit cut in half in hand exposing glistening orange pulp
A cluster of mature light brown Matisia cordata  fruit on a tree branch surrounded by bromeliads
Six yellow Matisia cordata  pistils covered with white stamens
Matisia cordata  tree branch with yellow flower buds and one peach-yellow flower with five yellow pistals covered with white stamens and one yellow style
Five yellow Matisia cordata  flowers
Cluster of Matisia cordata  flower buds and two peach-color flowers
A Matisia cordata  branch with green flower buds and one yellow flower
Clusters of Matisia cordata flower and flower buds
Light green fruit forming from a Matisia cordata  tree branch
Matisia cordata  branches full of flowers

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