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A brown Dickcissel with a white and yellow below the eye and yellow above
spiza americana
Spiza americana (Dickcissel)

The Dickcissel is a small, migratory seed-eating bird and the sole member of the genus Spiza, with breeding grounds located in the prairie grasslands of the Midwestern United States. During the winter, Dickcissels migrate to warmer regions, specifically in Central America, northern Colombia, and northern Venezuela​​. Dickcissels are versatile and adaptable. They favor grassland habitats throughout the year, thriving in various environments ranging from native prairies and restored grasslands to lightly grazed pastures, hayfields, fallow agricultural fields, and even roadside areas. Nest are constructed near the ground in dense grasses and sedges, or occasionally higher up in woody plants​​​​.
Males aggressively defend their primary territory, engaging in confrontations at boundaries and sometimes resulting in physical altercations. Dickcissels become highly gregarious in the winter, forming massive flocks, occasionally numbering in the millions. The diet of Dickcissels varies with the seasons. During breeding, they consume both insects and seeds, including grasshoppers, caterpillars, termites, flies, wasps, beetles, spiders, and a variety of seeds. In migration and winter, their diet shifts almost exclusively to seeds​​.This species is considered of low conservation concern.

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