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Citrus × microcarpa orange fruit on the tree
Citrus × microcarpa
Citrus × microcarpa (Calamondin)

The plant is a small, bushy, evergreen tree or shrub. It is believed to originate from China or the Philippines, and is thought to be a natural hybrid, though the exact hybrid nature remains to be established. It's commercially grown for its edible fruit, while in the United States, it's more commonly cultivated as an ornamental plant. The fruit it bears is a golf-ball sized, thin-skinned, juicy orange fruit with a very acidic (sour) pulp and juice. The fruit remains on the plant for a long time, taking up to a year to ripen to orange. The plant blooms fragrant, white, 5-petaled flowers. It's not unusual to see flowers and ripe fruit on the plant at the same time. The very sour fruit finds a large number of culinary uses including being added to beverages, used for food flavoring, sauces, marmalades, pies, and soups. Photographed in Floridablanca and Armenia, Colombia.

Citrus × microcarpa yellow and green fruit on the tree
Citrus × microcarpa white flower with yellow anthers and stigma
A white Citrus × microcarpa flower with tan-color anthers

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