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Purple-red Urera baccifera inflorescences with white flowers forming from a branch with spines
urera baccifera
Urera baccifera

A flowering shrub belonging to the nettle family characterized by its thin, toothed leaves, spines, and stinging hairs. . Its native range extends from Mexico through Central America to South America, and it is also found in the Caribbean. The plant's inflorescence consists of pink or purple flowers, and it produces a spongy, juicy fruit that is green or pinkish, which along with the seeds, serves as food for fruit-eating birds and capuchin monkeys. None of the plant parts are edible. Photographed in the Valley of Cauca and the department of Atlantico, Colombia.

An erect Urera baccifera branch with purple-red inflorescences with white flowers under blue sky
A Urera baccifer shrub with thorny branch and flowering inflorescences
Urera baccifer inflorescene with purple and white colors

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