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A pink rose flower with dark pink markings in sunlight
rosa pink
Rosa (Pink Roses)

Light pink roses are often associated with gentleness, admiration, and sympathy, making them suitable for expressing gratitude or condolences. Deeper pink roses can convey gratitude, recognition, and appreciation, often used to say "thank you" or to recognize someone's achievements. Across their spectrum, pink roses embody elegance, grace, and joy, making them popular for a variety of occasions, from celebratory events like birthdays and weddings to more solemn gatherings. Photographed in Bogotá, Colombia.

Multi-colored pink rose with white marking and new reddish leaves
A white rose with pink on the underside and borders of the flower petals
Pink and dark pink rose flower with yellow stamens
A dark pink and light pink rose with a yellow center
A dark pink rose flower
A pink rose with dark rose-colored marking
A rose stem with a pink rose flower
Three pink roses one with white markings
Soft pink rose
A pink rose with hints of yellow
A pink rose with dark pink veins and yellow stamens
A light pink rose with a yellow center and reddish stamens
A pink Rose glowing in sunlight
A dark pink-red rose flower with green sepals
Pink, white and rose-colored rose
A pink Rose in sunshine
Violet-pink rose

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