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Schlumbergera truncata red flower under blue skies
schlumbergera truncata
Schlumbergera truncata

A tropical cactus hailing from the coastal, humid forests of southeastern Brazil. This tropical cactus is an epiphyte, which means it naturally grows on trees rather than in the ground. This growth habit makes it ideal for cultivation as a houseplant, where it can be displayed in containers or hanging baskets to mimic its natural state.
Cultivars of this species are particularly celebrated for their vibrant tubular flowers which bloom in a spectrum of hues including pink, red, white, and yellow. To induce this flowering, the plant requires a period of partial rest with reduced watering and cooler temperatures, followed by an increase in temperature and resumed watering once the buds appear​. Photographed in Armenia, Colombia.

Schlumbergera truncata red flower under blue skies
Schlumbergera truncata red flower with white stamens in sunlight

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