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Golden Aechmea blanchetiana leaves with large spikes of yellow, orange and red tone flowers
aechmea blanchetiana
Aechmea blanchetiana (Orangeade)

Originates from the Atlantic Coast of eastern Brazil. Its habitat consists mainly of the coastal rainforest. It can grow on the ground or as an epiphyte, a plant that grows on another plant but is not parasitic. Often, the cupped rosette of leaves can catch rainwater, producing pools that can hold up to half a liter of water, a characteristic that makes it a mini ecosystem inhabited by animals such as frogs. The Orangeade Bromeliad leaves can range from reddish gold to green depending on the amount of sunlight it receives and has sharp, tiny, saw-teeth spines along the margins. The plant produces small yellow flowers that, while ephemeral, are surrounded by eye-catching red bracts with yellow tips. These red bracts keep the inflorescence showy for months even after the flowers have faded. The small fruits it produces are purple berries. It is salt tolerant and needs high temperatures to thrive. This bromeliad is cultivated widely in Florida and can quickly fill a large area. Photographed in Florida.

Cluster of red and yellow showy Aechmea blanchetiana bracts

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