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A display of Bactris guineensis fruit, juice and wine
Bactris guineensis
Bactris guineensis (Corozo)

Native to a region extending from Central America to Venezuela​. This palm is notably recognized for its edible fruit, which is cherished in the Caribbean region of Colombia. The plantations of these palms can be found below 1,000 feet in northern Colombia. The cherry-sized, purplish-black fruits are pleasantly tangy and find their way into local markets, especially in South America, where they're utilized in the preparation of juice, wine, and rum. The fruit is boiled in water which is drank with or without sugar and has a good flavor. The extract from this palm has been found to exhibit significant radical scavenging activity along with strong cytotoxic activity against hepatic and colorectal carcinoma cells. The phenolic compounds present in the fruit were particularly noted for their antioxidant activity.

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