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An Agapornis personatus with a brown head and white around the eye, a red beak, yellow and orange breast feathers and green wings and tail on a Nerium oleander branch
Agapornis personatus
Agapornis personatus (Lovebird)

The Yellow-collared Lovebird, is a small, monotypic species within the parrot family Psittaculidae, measuring about 5.5 inches in height. Males and females are identical in appearance, bearing a striking dark black head, a radiant yellow neck and chest, and a contrasting white ring around their eyes. The back and tail feathers are primarily green, while the beak is red, and the legs are gray with black nails​​. These birds are indigenous to the Arusha Region of northeastern Tanzania. As pets, these lovebirds are appreciated for their vivid plumage and social disposition, which makes them popular among avian enthusiasts. Photographed in Colombia.

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