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Wattled Guan with black feathers and a blue beak and pink wattle
Aburria aburri
Aburria aburri (Wattled Guan)

The Wattled Guan is native to the Andes in South America, with its range spanning from Venezuela to Peru. This species typically resides in subtropical and tropical moist lowland and montane forests, with altitudes ranging from around 1,600 to 8,200 feet. It is recognized by its black plumage, blue-based black-tipped beak, and a notable red-and-yellow wattle hanging from its throat. The bird is classified as "Near Threatened," primarily due to habitat destruction. Despite its size, approximately 30 inches in length and weighing between 42 and 55 ounces, it tends to be a shy creature, often heard within its habitat rather than seen​​​​​​. Photographed in Colombia.

Wattled Guan with black feathers, a dark eye and a blue beak and pink wattle

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