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A beautiful eight year old girl holding an avocado in her hand
persea americana
Persea americana (Avocado)

The avocado, originates from Central Mexico to Costa Rica, and is now cultivated in various tropical and subtropical regions worldwide due to its highly sought-after fruit​​. This broadleaf evergreen tree can reach a height of 30 plus feet and a spread of 20 plus feet​. The fruit is rich in healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals​. The cost in Colombia is roughly one dollar for a regular sized avocado and is called Aguacate and is best purchased in the markets. Photographed in the central Andes mountain range of Colombia (Cordillera Central.

A cluster green with yellow avocados hanging from a tree with rain drops dripping from the fruit
Three avocados in a rust colored bowl, one green, one red and one dark purple
Yellow Persea americana inflorescences with yellow flowers under blue skies
A yellow Persea americana flower in sunlight
A yellow Persea americana inflorescence with yellow flowers under blue skies

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