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Cleome hassleriana dark pink flowers
Cleome hassleriana
Cleome hassleriana

Originating from the warm expanses of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, Cleome hassleriana, commonly referred to as Spider Flower, has garnered favor among garden enthusiasts for its unique floral displays and ease of cultivation. The plant thrives in both temperate and tropical climates. The leaves of Cleome hassleriana, when cooked, offer a taste reminiscent of radishes, while its oil bears a garlic-like flavor. Diversifying its allure, some varieties of the Spider Flower exude a musky, sweet, and spicy fragrance that adds a sensory dimension to its presence in a garden, albeit the scent may range from being pleasantly aromatic to potentially disagreeable depending on individual preferences. Photographed in the department of Caldas, Colombia.

Cleome hassleriana light  pink flowers

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