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A mom and daughter sitting next to the trunk and roots of a large Ficus citrifolia tree
ficus citrifolia
Ficus citrifolia

Originating from the warm locales of southern Florida, the Caribbean, Central America, and extending southward to the tropical domains of Paraguay. As it matures, its aerial roots embrace the earth, marking the advent of its independent stance as a towering tree. This transition, remarkable in its stride, crowns it as a significant inhabitant of tropical hammocks, a shelter for myriad fauna. The tree's roots are known for their aggressive pursuit of space. The tree bears edible fruits which transition from a gentle yellow to a deep maroon-purple as they ripen. Its fruits serve as a vital source of nourishment for a diverse array of wildlife, especially during seasons when other fruits are scarce.  The figs are eaten by more species than any other perennial fruit. Photographed in Floridablanca, Colombia.

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