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Brownish yellow breasted Saltator orenocensis
Saltator orenocensis
Saltator Orenocensis (Orinoco Saltato)

The Orinoco Saltator is predominantly found in Venezuela, particularly in areas west, north, and around the Orinoco River region, extending to the Caribbean coast. This bird is also present in adjacent northeast Colombia and can be found on the eastern shore of Lake Maracaibo. Its natural habitats include subtropical or tropical dry forests, moist lowland forests, and dry shrubland. The Orinoco Saltator typically resides in areas with a mix of bushes and scattered trees, gallery forest edges, and savanna, usually at altitudes up to 600 meters. This bird is characterized by its slate gray upperparts, black mask and bill, immaculate white eyebrow and throat, and rich salmon-buff underparts. Both sexes appear similar. It is commonly found in pairs or small groups, foraging for fruits, flowers, and insects.
The bird is not considered endangered and is listed as 'Least Concern' on the IUCN Red List.

Orinocan Saltator on a branch with food on its beak
Brownish orange breasted Saltator orenocensis singing on a branch

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