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Two orange Gazania-×-splendens flowers with yellow petal borders
Gazania × splendens
Gazania-×-splendens (Treasure Flower)

Gazania × splendens is a vibrant and showy perennial hybrid with one of its parent species identified as Gazania rigens, which is native to South Africa. Ic comes in a spectacular array of blooms in colors such as orange, red, yellow, white, and purple with striking patterns. It can tolerate short periods of drought. Photographed in Bogotá, Colombia.

Shiny green leaf tufts and yellow flowers of Gazania-×-splendens
Two yellow and orange with brown Gazania-×-splendens flowers
Gazania-×-splendens pinkish-red flowers with yellow disks
Dark orange-bronze Gazania-×-splendens flowers with brown marking
Gazania-×-splendens white flower with yellow anthers
Yellow Gazania-×-splendens flower with orange and brown markings
Yellow Gazania-×-splendens flowers with brown around the disk
Yellow Gazania-×-splendens flower
Tuft of shiny green Gazania-×-splendens leaves with showy orange-yellow flowers with brown stripped petals and black marked base
Two Yellow Gazania-×-splendens flowers
Yellow GGazania-×-splendens flowers with white petal tips

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