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Two orange Passiflora ligularis granadilla on a black plate along with one cut in half exposing the grey-brown pulp in sunset sunlight
passiflora ligularis
Passiflora ligularis (Sweet Granadilla)

A fruiting vine originating from the Andes mountains. The fruit is encased in a hard, brittle, and slippery outer shell which maintains the quality of the fruit for weeks. The seeds surrounded by a gelatinous sphere of transparent sweet pulp rich in vitamins A, C, and K, is the edible part of the fruit eaten raw or as a juice. The flowers present a blend of greenish-white sepals and lilac-white petals surrounding bluish-purple and white banded coronal filaments, which also exude a pleasant fragrance. Photographed in the department of Quindio, Colombia.

A whole orange Passiflora ligularis fruit with yellow dots next to a cut half with grey color pulp held in the palm of a hand

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