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White-and-black-feathered Himantopus mexicanus with pink legs
himantopus mexicanus
Himantopus mexicanus (Black-Necked Stilt)

the Black-necked Stilt, measureS about 13.8–15.3 inches in length, weigh between 5.3 and 6.2 ounces, and have a wingspan of approximately 28.1–29.7 inches. They are characterized by their long pink legs, long thin black bill, white underparts, and black wings and backs. The males and females are similar in appearance, though males have a greenish gloss on their back and wings, especially in the breeding season, while females have a brown tinge to these areas​​. The Black-necked Stilt is found in estuaries, lakes, salt ponds, and emergent wetlands. They are generally lowland birds but can be found up to 8,200 feet above sea level in Central America. They have adapted well to human-altered environments, increasingly using salt evaporation ponds, particularly in the southern San Francisco Bay area. They are resident year-round at the Salton Sea and are commonly found in the San Joaquin Valley, southern California, and along lake shores in northeastern California, southeastern Oregon, and along the Colorado River. The species exhibits seasonal migrations, with northern birds moving to breeding grounds between March and May, and migrating south between July and September​​. One interesting behavioral aspect of the Black-necked Stilt is its strategy for protecting its young. To distract predators from the location of their nestlings, stilts exhibit a weak or sick behavior, a clever tactic for ensuring the survival of their offspring​​. In terms of feeding, these birds forage by probing and gleaning primarily in mudflats and lakeshores

Brown Himantopus mexicanus sitting
Black Himantopus mexicanus sitting
White-and-black-feathered Himantopus
Pair of Himantopus mexicanus
White-and-black-feathered Himantopus mexicanus with pink legs

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