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A purple Capsicum pubescens flower with a white center
capsicum pubescens
Capsicum pubescens (Tree Pepper)

Native to Bolivia and Peru, this species of pepper has been domesticated since around 6,000 B.C.E., this species has since spread throughout Latin America. The plant showcases a distinctive flower with blue-violet-colored petals, differing from other Capsicum species. The fruits come in a range of colors from yellow, orange, red, to green and brown, and are known for their pungent nature with a heat level varying between 2,400 to 250,000 Scoville scale​​. The pepper's unique aroma, described as cucumber-like, sets it apart from other chili peppers. It is used both for its spicy fruits and occasionally as an ornamental plant due to its distinctive vegetative and flowering characteristics.  although it has a lower content of carotenoids, ascorbic acid, and total polyphenols compared to Capsicum annuum​. Photographed in Bogotá, Colombia.

Four red Capsicum pubescens hanging fruit
Purple Capsicum pubescens flower with purple filaments and brown anthers
An opening Capsicum pubescens flower with brown anthers in sunlight

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