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Aechmea zebrina surprise inflorescence with red, pink and yellowish-white colors
aechmea zebrina surprise
Aechmea zebrina surprise

Originating from the Amazon region of eastern Ecuador and southern Colombia, this striking plant is epiphytic by nature. It grows on trees, using its roots for support, but not to extract nutrients from the host. One of its distinguishing characteristics is its vibrant spike of flowers, a stunning display of orange, yellow, and red hues that stand tall above the rosettes of gray-green leaves. An interesting aspect of its lifecycle is its monocarpic nature. This means that the plant flowers, sets seeds, and then dies. However, before it reaches the end of its life, it produces offsets, commonly referred to as 'pups.' These can be separated and grown into new plants, allowing it to continue its lifecycle in a fascinating display of botanical resilience.

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