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Light pink Zephyranthes rosea flowers with green throats and yellow anthers
zephyranthes rosea
Zephyranthes rosea

Native to Peru and Colombia, is a species celebrated for its ornamental beauty and has garnered the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit. This plant flourishes as a bulbous perennial, with a tuft of semi-erect, grass-like, bright green leaves at its base. The blooms, characterized by their broad, upward-facing nature, exhibit a sugar-pink hue and are typically about an inch across. Each flower, adorned with bright yellow stamens and a small white throat​​. This rain lily variant is known to have many cultivars, which offer a spectrum of flower colors​​. The plant is highly adapted to the rhythms of nature, bursting into bloom following heavy rains—a trait it shares with its rain lily kin. Photographed in Barranquilla, Colombia.

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