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Four yellow and green Eriobotrya japonica fruits on the tree
eriobotrya japonica
Eriobotrya japonica (Loquat)

Loquat has its roots traced back to southeastern China, and is currently cultivated in subtropical to mild temperate climates globally. The evergreen tree typically grows under 25 feet tall. It's known for its fragrant flowers and edible fruit. The fruit of this plant is consumed widely, and other parts like seeds, leaves, and flowers are utilized in traditional Chinese medicine, particularly for treating cough and respiratory distress. These medicinal benefits are attributed to the presence of rich ursolic acid like triterpenoids found in the plant. Its leaves are employed in the preparation of herbal teas. Commercial cultivation of Eriobotrya japonica is significant in China, Japan, and Brazil. Photographed in the Valley of Cauca, Colombia.


A white Eriobotrya japonica flower with brown anthers surrounded by decaying rust color flower petals

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