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An inflorescence of yellow flower buds and an orange flower
castilleja fissifolia
Castilleja fissifolia

Originating from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela, with a habitat between 7,300 and 14,100 feet. This species has found its abode predominantly in the Andean regions. Castilleja fissifolia is recognized as a "Type Species" for the genus Castilleja, making it a significant reference point within its botanical group. The plant demonstrates the typical features of its genus, showcasing vibrant bracts that encircle a less conspicuous green flower​. Photographed at the Páramo de Berlín, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the department of Tolima Colombia.

Under a deep fog Catilleja fissifolia brightens with orange flowers petals bordered and tip with yellow and long green pistil
Orange Castilleja fissifolia flowers in sunlight
Castilleja fissifolia inflorescence with bright red flowers
Castilleja fissifolia orange flowers in sunlight
Castilleja fissifolia orange and yellow flowers in sunlight
A bright red Castilleja fissifolia flower in sunlight
A Castilleja fissifolia inflorescence with flowers at different life-cycle stages

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