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A Coccoloba uvifera inflorescent with green fruit in sunlight
coccoloba uvifera
Coccoloba uvifera (Seagrape)

Heralding from the shores of tropical America and the Caribbean Seagrape holds a fondness for coastal beaches. Its domain stretches from Florida to as far south as Peru. The Seagrape often exhibits a sprawling growth habit, particularly when it finds itself near the coast. In these coastal habitats, the robust winds and nutrient-poor, dry soil dictate a more restrained growth, manifesting as a large evergreen shrub. However, venture away from the coast, and the Seagrape transitions into a small to medium-sized tree, showcasing a remarkable level of adaptability to its environment. The edible fruit is mostly seed. Photographed in the department of Atlantico and Magdalena, Colombia.

Coccoloba ubifera flowers
Cluster of Coccoloba uvifera  green fruit in front of large leaves with red veins
Seagrapes hanging from a tree branchs above a beach
A cluster of Coccoloba uvifera green fruit

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