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Tayrona beach, blue waters and green mountains
tayrona Beaches Colombia
Tayrona Beaches, Colombia

These are the beaches east of Cabo that are within comfortable walking distance. Even on weekends it’s easy to find a private area on the beach. There are almost no vendors to bother you, unlike the crowded Colombian beaches. When a vendor did come along, after three days of seeing thousands of coconuts on the ground, I had to satisfy my craving to eat a coconut and bought coconut ice cream, later we ate a coconut courtesy of a man with a machete. The second beach photographed is clothing optional. This means expect to see only naked men, and judging by the way they were frolicking, gay men at that. Anyway, my girlfriend insisted on resting there; that is, everything except her eyes. I kept asking her what was she looking at and she would say, “Oh, nothing.”‘ “You’re not looking at those guys running on the beach?” “No, what guys?” “So we can leave then?” “Are you crazy, of course not!” The next beach west requires hiking over a mountain, and I could not see a trail. With a pathway, it looked to be around a two-hour plus walk.

Vista of Cabo and the mountains and ocean west of Cabo
Expansive beach along Tayrona National Park
Empty stretch of beach
Long beach winding around the bend
Waves spray mist on to the shore

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