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A white-green Crescentia cujete flower
crescentia cujete
Crescentia cujete (Calabash Tree)

Native to Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean. It thrives in tropical climates and has been cultivated in various parts of the world with similar environmental conditions. The tree is known for its distinct round, hard-shelled fruits, which have been utilized by indigenous peoples for centuries to create utensils, musical instruments, and containers. The hard shell of the fruit, once emptied of its contents, serves as a natural vessel. In some regions, the shells are intricately carved and decorated, transforming them into pieces of art. Photographed in the departments of Magdalena and Quindio, Colombia.

Small green Crescentia cujete fruits in the shade
Small round green and yellow Crescentia cujete fruits under a blue sky
Large round green Cresentia cujete fruits
An opening white Cresentia cujete flower
Green Crescentia cujete flowers with brown anthers

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