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Zingiber spectabile inflorescences with red and yellowish-red bracts
zingiber spectabile
Zingiber spectabile (Beehive Ginger)

Beehive ginger, primarily known in the West by this name for its unique inflorescences resembling a beehive, is a true ginger species hailing from Maritime Southeast Asia​​​​. Notably cultivated as an ornamental, the plant boasts a striking inflorescence atop a spike, reaching up to 12 inches high with bracts varying in color from white to deep red. The plant has garnered attention for containing compounds with antimicrobial properties and enzymes potentially beneficial in colon cancer treatment​​​​​​. Photographed in the department of Quindio, Colombia.

Reddish Zingiber spectabile inflorescence with a purpl flower
Zingiber spectabile flower with multiple colors
Zingiber spectabile inflorescences with yellow and rose-colored bracts
Side-view of Zingiber spectabile flowers
Zingiber spectabile inflorescences with red and orange bracts
Zingiber spectabile inflorescences with red bracts
Zingiber spectabile orange-tan inflorescence of flowers
Zingiber spectabile purple and yellow flower
Zingiber spectabile inflorescence with flowers topped with rainwater
Zingiber spectabile yellow and purple flower

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