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Chalcothraupis ruficervix blue bird
Chalcothraupis ruficervix
Chalcothraupis ruficervix (Golden-naped Tanager)

The Golden-naped Tanager, is a species of bird in the tanager family Thraupidae, native to South America. This species is found from Colombia to Bolivia, inhabiting subtropical or tropical moist montane forests and heavily degraded former forests. The bird is named for its distinct plumage, primarily blue with black facial masking, and a unique golden or reddish crown patch or nape, setting it apart from similar species like the metallic-green tanager, swallow tanager, and blue-and-black tanager. Females have a similar pattern to males but with duller colors and a narrower nape patch. Juveniles of both genders have a primarily dull blue-gray coloration with a lighter breast and belly, and lack the distinctive golden nape​​​​. The Golden-naped Tanager is typically found in pairs, often following mixed-species flocks in the canopy. This Andean species, small and stunning, prefers subtropical forests, edges, and gardens, and is known to visit fruit feeders. Its plumage mostly comprises turquoise blue with a buffy vent and a small buffy-orange patch on the rear crown. Both sexes of this species appear alike​​. The population is suspected to be stable, with no evidence of declines or substantial threats.

A blue Chalcothraupis ruficervix bird
Blue Chalcothraupis ruficervix
Chalcothraupis ruficervix blue bird

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