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A purple pink Cobaea scandens flower with yellow filaments and dark anthers green bracts shinning in sunlight
cobaea scandens
Cobaea scandens (Cathedral Bells)

Originating from Mexico and tropical South America, this tendril-climbing vine reaches heights between 30 to 40 feet. When cultivated as an annual, it can achieve a growth of 10 to 20 feet within a single season. Thieves in the Andean region. Its blossoms, initially green, mature to a purple hue, and are often described as bell, cup, or funnel-shaped. These flowers exude an unpleasant musky odor upon their first opening, hanging upside down along the vine, accompanied by a saucer-like green calyx encircling them. The flowers have a brief presence on the vine, gracing it for about four days. There are a few cultivars of this species, namely 'Alba' with white flowers, 'Royal Plum' exhibiting purple flowers, and 'Variegata' known for its variegated leaves. Photographed in the eastern Andes mountain range of Colombia (Cordillera Oriental).

A yellow cobaea scandens flower with touches of green

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