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White flower petal sprinkled with pink and one yellow flower petal with red markings
bauhinia monandra
Bauhinia monandra (Pink Orchid Tree)

This small tree originates from Burma and Madagascar and is popular ornamental in tropical America. The flowers, marked by streaks of magenta and red-purple dots on the middle petal, span about 10 centimeters across, and are the defining characteristic of the plant's beauty​. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a study hinted at potential nutritional value in its seeds, which reportedly contain around 21.45% soluble carbohydrates, a figure comparable to the carbohydrate content in soybean and peanut. However, a note of caution is necessary due to the presence of a small quantity hydrogen cyanide. Photographed in Tubara, Colombia.

Flower petals with shades of pink and white dotted with pink
Pink, red and white flowers with a blue sky background
Pinkish flower petals with upright stigma and stamen under a light blue sky

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