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A halved orange with green skin and light-orange pulp held in hand
Citrus sinensis
Citrus sinensis (Orange)

The Sweet Orange finds its roots in China and Vietnam. Today, it thrives in many tropical and subtropical regions between the latitudes of 35° north and 35° south. The Sweet Orange is a frost-tender evergreen tree, self-fertile, with both male and female organs, and is primarily pollinated by insects and apomictic processes, which involve reproduction via seeds formed without sexual fusion. The vast genetic diversity within Citrus sinensis is a result of subsequent mutations from a single ancestor, indicating a long evolutionary journey. This evolution has led to the development of various cultivars and hybrids, embodying a wide range of organoleptic characteristics. The skin of the oranges will normally be green when grown in the hotter zones. In Colombia the name for orange is naranja. The quality is not as good as the oranges from the U.S.

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