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Yellow-chested Great Kiskadee with leather-colored back and tail, while the head has black and white stripes, standing on a tree branch
pitangus sulphuratus
Pitangus sulphuratus (Great Kiskadee)

The Great Kiskadee has a wide distribution range spanning from southern Texas in the United States down through Central America to Argentina. They are particularly abundant in regions with open woodlands, savannas, and farmlands. This species is known for its adaptability and can be found in both rural and urban areas. They are often seen perched on branches, wires, or rooftops, making their distinct calls and hunting for insects, small vertebrates, and even fruits. The Great Kiskadees are generally considered plentiful throughout their range.

Pitangus sulphuratus on a branch with blue sky in the background
Pitangus sulphuratus showing its bright yellow breast
Great Kiskadee on a branch showing its yellow breast
Great-Kiskadee on a branch showing its yellow breast
Pitangus sulphuratus kiskadee showing its yellow breast
The brown back feather of the Great Kiskadee
Bright yellow breast feathers

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