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Rupornis magnirostris on a branch
rupornis magnirostris
Rupornis magnirostris (Roadside Hawk)

The Roadside Hawk is a relatively small bird of prey found in the Americas. This vocal species is frequently the most common raptor in its range. It inhabits a wide range of areas from Mexico through Central America to most of South America, east of the Andes Cordillera. Notably, it is also an urban bird and is possibly the most common species of hawk seen in various cities throughout its range. In terms of physical characteristics, the roadside hawk is 31–41 cm (12–16 in) long and weighs 250–300 g (8.8–10.6 oz). There is significant plumage variation between the twelve recognized subspecies. Depending on the subspecies, the roadside hawk is mainly brown or grey, with a touch of rufous (a light reddish-brown) on the wings, particularly noticeable in flight. The eyes of adult roadside hawks are whitish or yellow, and as suggested by its specific name, its beak is relatively large. The roadside hawk's diet primarily consists of insects, squamates, and small mammals, including young common marmosets and similar small monkeys. It occasionally preys on small birds but less frequently compared to related species.

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