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Pteroglossus torquatus colored black, red, orange and yellow
pteroglossus torquatus
Pteroglossus torquatus (Collared Aracari)

The Collared Aracari, is found in the neotropical regions, spanning from southern Mexico to Colombia and parts of Venezuela. It inhabits woody lowland forests or humid rainforests with secondary growth, thriving from sea level up to approximately 4921 feet. The Collared Aracari is notable for its mostly black back with a green tinge to the feathers, a blackish neck and throat, and a bright red upper tail and rump. The bird's undertail and belly display a predominantly yellow plumage with black and red stripes. Its beak, an iconic feature of toucans, is whitish-gray or sometimes whitish on the upper portion, while the lower beak and lower ridge of the upper beak are black. The beak's design is both durable for eating and lightweight for flight, with tooth-like protrusions that assist in catching and grasping food. The skin around the beak and eyes is bright red, and the eyes themselves are yellow. On average, the Collared Aracari weighs about 8.11 ounces and has a body length of approximately 16.14 inches. Females are similar to males but have a smaller beak, and juveniles display a duller appearance compared to adults. In terms of behavior, Collared Aracaris are monogamous, potentially mating for life, and exhibit cooperative breeding. Offspring from previous clutches often assist parents in caring for their siblings. These birds nest in large woodpecker holes or natural cavities, with both parents taking turns incubating the eggs. The Collared Aracari's diet is omnivorous, including insects, eggs, and various fruits. The Collared Aracari was classified as Least Concern (LC) by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

A black and red Pteroglossus torquatus
Light yellow Pteroglossus torquatus breast
Colorful Pteroglossus torquatus in a tree
Colorful Pteroglossus torquatus on a branch
The black and red back of a Pteroglossus torquatus
Pteroglossus torquatus colored red, black, yellow and orange
Pteroglossus torquatus colored red, black, yellow and cream-colored
Pteroglossus torquatus on a branch
Pteroglossus torquatus on a branch
Pteroglossus torquatus  red and black back

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