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Tyrannus melancholicus Tropical Kingbird sitting under the sunlight in a small and thin tree branch
tyrannus melancholicus
Tyrannus melancholicus (Tropical Kingbird)

The Tropical Kingbird is a large member of the tyrant flycatcher family. This species has a broad geographical range, extending from southeastern Arizona and Texas in the United States through Central and South America to central Argentina and eastern Peru. Birds from the extreme northern and southern parts of this range migrate to warmer areas after the breeding season​​. Inhabiting a variety of environments, Tropical Kingbirds are typically found in open woodlands, particularly near ponds or flowing streams, and can be observed up to an altitude of 2000 meters. They favor open or semi-open landscapes and avoid densely forested areas. Their adaptability is further evidenced by their presence in parks and suburban areas. These kingbirds are primarily insectivorous. They typically forage from a perch, such as a tree, wire, or fence, sallying out to capture flying insects. They also hover and drop to the ground to catch insects. Their diet mainly consists of a variety of insects, including beetles, flies, and grasshoppers. In tropical regions, they supplement their diet with berries and small fruits, and occasionally, small frogs​​​​. The global population of the Tropical Kingbird is estimated at a staggering 200 million individuals, with trends indicating an increasing population. Photographed in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Tyrannus melancholicus flapping his wings

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