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Solanum torvum inflorescence with green fruit and white flowers
solanum torvum
Solanum torvum (Turkey Berry)

Native to regions that include Florida and southern Alabama, extending through the West Indies to Mexico, Central America, and as far south as Brazil. This plant has been classified as invasive in New Caledonia.
Turkey Berry has a notable iron-like taste when consumed, a characteristic that has led to its use in various global cuisines. Medicinally, the plant contains chlorogenin, a sapogenin steroid with potential pharmacological activity. Extracts have been used to treat hyperactivity, colds, coughs, skin diseases, and leprosy. Moreover, methyl caffeate extracted from the fruit shows antidiabetic. However, consumption of its berries has been associated with cholinergic poisoning in some instances. Photographed in the department of Bolivar, Colombia.

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