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Syzygium malaccense branches with green fruit surrounding one red fruit
syzygium malaccense
Syzygium malaccense

A tropical tree native to tropical Asia and Australia. It has been cultivated since prehistoric times​. The species is lauded for the aesthetic appeal of its tree, flowers, and fruit, the latter being oblong-shaped and typically dark red, with some varieties sporting white or pink skins. Its flesh is white and encases a large seed, offering a bland but refreshing flavor that can be stewed into jams with brown sugar and ginger​​. Called Perita in Colombia the fruit is occasionally sold in outdoor markets. Photographed in the department of Magdalena, Colombia.

A cluster of bright pink Syzygium malaccense flowers
A Syzygium malaccense branch with clusters of bright pink flowers
A cluster of pink Syzygium malaccense flowers
Pink Syzygium malaccense flowers carpeting the ground

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