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A beautiful straight upright pink inflorescence in soft sunlight
alpinia purpurata rosea
Alpinia purpurata rosea

Native to the South Pacific, Malaysia and Indonesia it is widely distributed across tropical regions and is cultivated for its attractive inflorescence and lush foliage. The habit of Alpinia purpurata is that of a rhizomatous perennial herb, with thick, upright stems that can grow up to several feet in height. New stalks sprout from the rhizome and new growth emerges from the bracts, which can then be planted. The pink bracts surround the small, white, inconspicuous flowers. Cultivated below 5,000 feet in Colombia. Photographed in Barranquilla and the Valley of Cacua, Colombia.

Not as common as the red colored inflorescence. Photographed in Barranquilla and the Department of Magdalena

The sun striking the top of a pink Alpinia purpurata inflorescence
Pink Alpinia purpurata inflorescence and leaves after a rainfall
A light pink Alpinia purpurata inflorescence spike in sunlight

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