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A split light-yellow citron on a rock exposing the light-yellow pulp
citrus medica
Citrus medica (Citron)

Tracing back to the eastern Himalayas, the citron, embarked on a journey westward, reaching the shores of the Mediterranean basin. By the 4th century BC, it was being cultivated near the Caspian Sea, and the conquests of Alexander the Great further propelled its spread to European realms like Greece and Italy. The citron's arrival in the Mediterranean marks a significant chapter in citrus history, being the first citrus to grace these lands. Adorned with a thick rind, the citron fruit bears a resemblance to a 'huge, rough lemon,' offering more than just a tart bite. Its genetic lineage serving as a blueprint for numerous citrus hybrids, notably lemons and limes, enriching the citrus gene pool with a blend of traits​.  Photographed in the Valley of Cauca, Colombia.

Three white Citrus medica flowers
A light yellow Citrus medica fruit hanging from a tree

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