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Purplish pink canavalia rosea flower with a splash of yellow
canavalia rosea
Canavalia rosea (Beach Bean)

Native to Florida's coastal regions, has found a home in a plethora of tropical and subtropical zones worldwide. It sprawls across upper beaches, cliffs, and dunes and can endure harsh saline-alkali and semi-arid conditions. Flowers year-round unfurling pink to purple blossoms with white centers that beckon a myriad of insects to their nectar. The seeds' buoyancy and water-impermeability, empowers the plant with a potent seed distribution mechanism, enabling the seeds to float significant distances across seas, explaining the Beach Bean's widespread geographic distribution. The flowers are edible as well as the seeds when cooked. Photographed in Tayrona, Colombia.

A pink Canavalia rosea flower with yellow and white markings
Green mountains and blue sea with blooming Canavalia rosea plants in the foreground
A pink Canavalia Rosea flower
Two pink flowers and green flower buds on a small spike

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