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Dark pink Cistus × purpureus flower with dark marks near the center and with yellow stamens in sunlight
Cistus × purpureus
Cistus × purpureus (Orchid Rockrose)

A cherished cultivar from the Mediterranean region, it showcases a bushy demeanor while stretching between 4 to 6 feet in height and width. It's particularly known for its ornate pink flowers, which don a dark blotch towards the center, manifesting from spring to summer, each flaunting a spread of about 3 inches before wilting away the following day​. The hue of the flowers may vary slightly. A penchant for sun and heat, coupled with an inherent tolerance for drought, poor soil, and even some neglect, qualifies it as a remarkable candidate for rock gardens, mass plantings, or as an informal divider. Photographed in Bogotá, Colombia.

A purple Cistus × purpureus flower with a yellow center and dark red marking near the center covered in raindrops
A pink Cistus purpurea flower with a yellow center hit by sunlight and dark red marking near the center

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