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Nepenthes Lady Luck red flower in sunlight
nepenthes Lady Luck
Nepenthes Lady Luck

This tropical pitcher plant hails from Malaysia and is a human-engineered marvel, birthed from the hybridization of Nepenthes ampullaria and Nepenthes ventricosa​. The rich burgundy red pitchers are meticulously designed death traps for unwary insects. Lured by the sweet odor emitted, insects find themselves in a slippery slope, literally, as the walls of the pitchers are slick, leading them to a pool of digestive enzymes that breaks them down for the plant's nourishment. The plant's aesthetic and functional appeal is best displayed in hanging baskets, where its pitchers can cascade down. Photographed in Quindio, Colombia.

The back of Nepenthes Lady Luck flower
Nepenthes Lady Luck red flower
Red Nepenthes Lady Luck Flower

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